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  • I Look GREAT

    If you are longing to look the best you possibly can I thoroughly recommend this Style Program - it has help me so much.

    There were times when knew what I was wearing was not right but I could not work out was it was. With this program my eyes were opened!

    I see myself and my clothes with new eyes; I shop more effectively and in less time because finally I understand my body and it’s needs.

    All I had to do was answer a few simple, well explained questions and I had my program.

    I know I have learnt a lot about myself that I didn’t know before, and I have read a lot of books on body shape!

    Thanks MyPrivateStylist.

    Christine Homans


  • From Farm Hand to Fabulous

    After spending 18 months travelling around Australia and working on farms, I got used to wearing tatty clothes and kind of let myself go a bit, hence my self-esteem dropped massively.

    I used to think that only celebrities and the super rich had image consultants, but I was wrong!I found 'My Private Stylist' online and the programme is awesome. My program has been a god send!

    I now shop with confidence and wear clothes that make me feel good - my old is self-esteem back!

    I can also get my hair cut in a style that suits me for once!

    Louise Hampton, London, U.K



  • Incredible & So Thorough

    ...This program is incredible value and I have not been able to tear myself away from it since getting the 'Results' which I printed out and placed in a notebook so I could study them over and over. Coupled with the Style Guide all the information has been a huge help to me and has opened up a whole new world when it comes to shopping and fine tuning my wardrobe.

    What amazes me is how thorough the guide/portfolio is across so many categories. I honestly did not know what to expect but the depth of the analysis is very impressive indeed. The compliment of the updates on the website and the portfolio and guide to keep things current is very helpful as well. It has made me think of combinations that I otherwise would have overlooked.

    Thanks again for making this great tool.

    Alexandra Fairey, 
    NSW. Australia


  • Finally, Excited to Shop

    I'm a former dressmaker for many years and it's always much easier to dress someone else instead of oneself. I had the Personal Stylist program in its earlier version and I'm so delighted to see the new Web Based program that I can access anywhere, anytime through the internet and this is a fabulous advantage for me. I've combed through all my personal program now and I can see I need a massive wardrobe cleanout. I'm excited now to go shopping. Ooh this means more clothes, shoes and accessories for me!

    Thank you again.
    Karin Dalton-Smith

  • Escaped My Style Rut

    Wow, this is a fantastic program! It has totally broken me out of my style rut from top of your head down to your toes it covers everything to help you achieve the best possible look and being a web base program makes it easier to access anywhere, anytime.

    This program has broken me out of my style rut and the loss of identity that I experienced once I had children and gained weight. It has helped me recapture who I am ! Please feel free to use this as a testimonial; I want to tell people, even if this program saves you making one wrong purchase, then it's worth its weight in gold.

    Soula Groves,

  • Found My Style Smarts

    Somewhere I lost my style smarts as I matured. I wanted to dress well, but my body had changed and I had no idea what to buy. Shopping drained me and I considered it a chore.

    I needed help, so I looked online and there like an answer to my prayer was your program! I answered the questions and a personalized shopping program popped up like magic just for me. I purchased the Style Guide and filled in the book with high lighters. This programs so easy to use and has taken the stress out of shopping. I no longer make purchase mistakes that sit in my closet. I also love that you change the image to keep it fresh.

    This program certainly fulfils its promised to become my 24/7 personal stylist. I will be a customer for ever.

    Michele Fonso
    Ontario. Canada

  • Sensational

    The new updated on-line image program is sensational. The colour, the photos, the modern images and the detail puts it into a class of its own. It's like reading a current fashion magazine that has been tailored to you..... from top to toe.

    Linda Newby
    NSW. Australia

  • Shopping is Easier

    I purchased the style portfolio and think it is fantastic. The photographs and explanations give so much information; I can indulge in it for ages and then find new sections I had missed. I am more confident when I go shopping and don't have to try all the garments on to work out what does and doesn't work, I can get a really good idea just by looking at It on a hanger. It eliminates so much time in a squishy change room!!! I know what specific styles suit me and what to aim for as I structure outfit combinations.

    I thoroughly recommend it. It's so much fun.


    Catherine Withers.
    Adelaide, Australia

  • Turned Things Around For Me

    This program has really turned things around for me! Running my own business in the health field, I am aware that impressions really count. Not having any natural sense of style myself, I was thrilled to stumble over a program that sets clear guidelines for wardrobe choices! The program is comprehensive, informative and easy to use - I would recommend it to anyone who wants to stop wishing they had a body like someone else and start making the most of what they've got!

    Many thanks once again!
    Kind regards,

    Alyssa Tait
    Salisbury. Australia

  • Answered All My Questions

    For quite a few years now I have struggled with how to buy clothes that suit my age but don't make me look or feel old. During that struggle I have hired stylists, bought and read many books, and watched many style programs. While I learned lots I was still not able to put it all together for what suits me.

    Then I found My Private Stylist!

    By inputting my size, shape and other fine details, ePortfolio displays all clothing types, including shoes, eyewear, hats, hairstyles, even patterns and textures into Great, Good and Avoid. It works because its relevant to me!

    I recommend paying the extra amount to have a stylist view your photographs and decide your personal details as I found it very difficult to decide on some details, for example, face shape. The extra amount to pay is minimal and the result, for me, made a big difference.

    I'm really pleased with my program, it answered all my questions about my personal style needs and frankly, it's quite fun to use with great photos of the different styles and lots and lots of useful information.

    Thanks Image Innovators

    Wendy Hodgson
    Queensland, Australia

  • Your Style: know it, live it, be it

    My Private Stylist is a web-based version of the highly successful "Your Personal Style Solutions" program that has been used exclusively by Image Consultants around the world for over 18 years.

    In 2010 Image Innovator's range of eStyle programs was awarded The Association of Image Consultant's highest award for 'Innovation and Excellence'.

    The program allows you to plug in all of your body's characteristics from the comfort of your own home and from these it creates a specific style blueprint for you to follow.

    So what does this mean for you?

    • You'll never again make a mistake again when it comes to purchasing; clothing or accessories.

    • You will know what to keep and what to throw out when it comes to sorting through your wardrobe and drawers.

    • You'll look great every time you walk out the door!

    • You have your very own personal stylist at your fingertips 24/7. If you are out shopping you can access the program on an iPad.

    What this program is and is not

    My Private Stylist is a styling rather than fashion program. It is designed to teach you which style elements and accessories will work for your shape, weight and age.

    Armed with this knowledge you will be able to shop with clarity and confidence no matter what fashion is in vogue. You will be able to select the garments that will look great in you without help from anyone else.

    Garment and accessory images are updated approximately every three months from current styles and websites.

    How it Works

    • Start the process by filling in your personal details and purchasing the program - 'Order Portfolio'

    • Answer all the questions about your body (9 sections).

    • If you have any problems you can press the green 'Need Help Button' and for an extra $25 you can upload specific photos of yourself and an experienced image consultant will create your program for you. We highly recommend this service.

    • When you have finished answering the questions press 'Create Program' and it will be ready for you instantly.

    • Once the program has been created read 'Using Your Style Program' (side panel on home page).

    • Go to My Garments and select the garment or accessory areas you wish to review.

    • Press the center image to see the garment's description, its lifestyle classification and any additional personal comments to you.

    • If you feel the program is not giving the correct results you can at this point also request the help of an image consultant and upload your photos. We are here to make sure the program is as good for you as we know it can be.

    Practise makes Perfect

    With a little practise soon you will be shopping like a professional, looking and feeling fantastic.

    Need to Ask a Question?

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