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A swimsuit top that features straps that fasten behind the neck.

Your best styles have padded bra cups.

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Personal Overview

Two Piece Tops for Ellen

Medium, dark and dull colours will give you the most flattering silhouette.


General Overview

Two Piece Tops

Most women cringe at the thought of buying a new swimsuit. So little of the body is covered that it makes hiding figure problems a real challenge. The choice of fabric, style, cut and the use of illusion becomes all important. Studies have shown, that women will often try on at least eight to ten costumes in a single session and then over 50 per cent will go home empty handed. Such is the dilemma of finding a flattering costume.

Today, many swim wear companies offer body sculpting swimsuits. Theses are designed to smooth out the bulges, shape and support the body while being comfortable. A one-piece costume will always be the most flattering, especially for women past their thirties. Some women will need to look for one piece swimsuits that are longer in the body to either cater for a long torso or an extra long distance between the shoulder and the bustline (as in the case of many Balanced Vertical body types). Ask to be shown which styles come in a longer length as they are rarely obviously displayed.

Women with large bustlines need ample coverage, particularly under the arms. Firm stretch fabrics will hold and support the body better than nylon or cotton alone. Wide straps, under-wire and cross over high back styles will provide the necessary amount of support. Strapless swimsuits are best not worn swimming as too often they vanish down the body when emerging from a dive.

The more serious swimmer will need to look for athletic styles that are made from enduring fabrics such as Antron, Supplex or Tactel. Mixed with Lycra or spandex, they will hold their shape better, retain colour longer and dry faster. Cross-over backs allow for all swimming manoeuvres and save the embarrassment of spilling out of the costume.

Always remember to cover up with a hat, shirt, sun glasses and sunscreen and avoid swimming during the hottest part of the day. Large men's cotton or silk shirts make a great cover up (the larger the better) as do sarongs and T-shirts.

Rinse all swimsuits in cool water while wet to prevent pool chemicals or sea water from breaking down spandex fibres and fading colours. Hang in the shade and never place swim wear in the dryer.

When considering the options that this portfolio gives you, please be aware that how toned your body is has not been taken into account. For example, a young woman who has an hourglass body shape and who is within her correct weight and age range will get the option of wearing a bikini. However, if her body is not firmly toned, the bikini will not be as good a selection as a one piece.

Since swimsuits come in a variety of tops and bottoms, this section looks at each individually to give you the most accurate information for your own selection.

NOTE: This section also applies to Gym wear when combined with leggins, cropped pants and bike shorts.