• Semi fitted
  • Boxy and soft
  • Very fitted
  • Boxy and stiff
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A dress, jacket, coat, shirt or top that is gently shaped to the body.
Easy to wear and always appropriate.

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Personal Overview

Garment silhouette for Ellen

The silhouette of a garment is it's outer edge. In this section we are referring to the silhouette of any garment that falls from the shoulders - a dress, coat, top, shirt, vest, sweater or jacket. The silhouette of a garment is the starting point in deciding if the garment will be a good match for your proportions. Semi-fitted silhouettes gently follow the curves of the body without being tight. They suit all body shapes and ages, are appropriate for all occasions and are very comfortable to wear. Very fitted silhouettes hug the body and as such are best worn by those who have a shapely body, are firm and slender or are a little overweight with the addition of a body shaper. Very fitted garments have a sexy/dressy image. Boxy and soft silhouettes have no shaping but are constructed of soft fabrics that move easily over the body. They suit all ages, have an image of casual elegance and flatter all shapes except those who are very thin. Boxy and stiff silhouettes are the least flattering of the silhouettes as they hand straight and stiff and hide all body contours. They suit all ages, have a more casual image and are best worn by medium to tall women who have a rectangular horizontal body.


General Overview

Garment silhouette

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