• Tops - medium
  • Tops - med light
  • Tops - light
  • Pants/skirts - dark
  • Pants/skirts - med dark
  • Dresses - med light
  • Dresses - medium
  • Dresses - med dark
  • Dresses - dark
  • Tops - med dark
  • Tops - dark
  • Pants/skirts - medium
  • Pants/skirts - med light
  • Dresses - light
  • Pants/skirts - light
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A colour depth/value between medium-light an medium-dark.
Medium colours neither advance or recede and make no perceived difference to the apparent size or bulk of an area. Medium colours also have a perceived medium weight.
Medium value colours are appropriate for many occasions however, the psychological effect of any hue and value needs to be evaluated before being worn for an occasion.
Investing in a personal colour analysis is invaluable as style and colour go hand-in-hand.
After all a great style in a bad colour is just as bad a purchase as a great colour in an unflattering style.

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Personal Overview

Colour value for Ellen

Colour value is the degree of light or darkness possessed by a colour. Light colours advance making the area they have been applied to appear larger. Medium colours neither advance or recede and as such have little effect on the apparent size of an area. Dark colours recede and make the area or object they have been applied to appear smaller.


General Overview

Colour value

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