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A pattern that is between the size of your palm and your fingertips in the repeat.

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Personal Overview

Pattern for Ellen

Low colour contrasts (colour combinations where there is little to no value difference between the colours) are generally submissive, quiet and passive. They are perfect for situations when you want to blend into the background and observe. They are not recommended when any level of 'presence' is required.

Your bone structure, height and weight make SMALL to MEDIUM your best scale for prints, patterns, jewellery, hats and hairstyles. Large scale items have the potential to overwhelm your scale. To gauge the size of patterns look for where the pattern is repeated and use your hand to gauge the size; small patterns will fit into the cup of your hand, medium patterns from the centre of your hand to the middle joint of your forefinger and large patterns will be anything larger than fall outside of your middle finger joint. Avoid obvious repeat prints i.e., where there is a large solid space of colour between patterns as these will overwhelm you.


General Overview


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