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Shoulder pads when not in fashion can be perceived ridiculous items especially when compared to any stage of history when oversized pads were worn. In fact, if you have narrow or sloped shoulders or a triangular horizontal body type they can be the perfect accessory to make your body appear more perfectly proportioned. There are literally hundreds of different kinds of shoulder pads. They vary in type according to the garment they are to be used in and the body characteristic they are assisting. If shoulder pads are recommended for you, be open minded and try the different styles on. I promise you will see the positive difference they make. Most importantly, the correct shoulder pad is one that corrects the balance of your body while being totally invisible to the public.


Shoulder pads are a necessity for you to balance your hipline and square off your sloping shoulderline. Wear small shoulder pads in garments that have no collar, and medium shoulder pads in collared garments.

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