• On or slightly above waist
  • Above waist
  • Hipster
  • Low rise
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A waistband that sits on, or slightly above the waist.

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Personal Overview

Rise for Ellen

The rise is the place where the pant or trouser sits on the hip/waist. In general: ~ a 13-20 cm / 5-8" rise is considered low rise and they will sit more on the hip. ~ a 23-28 cm / 9-11" rise is considered mid rise and they will sit on or just below the waist. ~ Anything over 30.5 cm / 12" will be on or just above the waist. The rise of the pants / position of the waistband will visually lengthen or shorten the torso. To measure the rise start from the center point between the legs up to the top of the waist band.

The lower your waistband the longer and slimmer your torso will appear.

Off-the-rack pants with low waistbands (low rise) will often fit you better than high waistbands which may need to be taken in at the waistband in order to fit you. The downside to this, is the fact that you have a triangular horizontal body shape that low waistband styles will exaggerate. To counterbalance this challenge, wear your tops or sweaters over the waist band between low hip and crotch length as recommended for you on the page 'Tops, Sweaters and Jacket Length'.


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