• Pyjama / draw string
  • Pin tucked leg
  • Bootleg
  • Stirrup
  • Jean
  • Bell bottom
  • Capri
  • Yoked
  • Legging
  • Cargo
  • Wide band
  • Sailor
  • Cropped
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Any loose fitting, elastic waist pants.

Avoid styles which full around the hips and waist, or flat in the front and gathered around the sides and back.

For the best appearance coordinate with a semi fitted top.

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Personal Overview

Styles for Ellen

- If the waistband of your pants have belt loops and you plan to tuck your top in, you will need a belt to complete the look. - Your belt should be half a centimeter (.2") narrower than the loops. - The correct size of belt will be one that is long enough to do comfortably up on the third hole.

- Avoid stretch pants that have more than four percent of a stretch e.g., elastin. The higher percentage of elastic fiber, the more likely the fabric will stretch out of shape in high stress areas e.g., the knee. Two to four percent is all that is required for extra movement, a comfortable fit and a flattering appearance.

- Try to avoid pants with side pockets. If pockets already exist have the insert removed and the pocket sewn up.

- Only buy pants that fit your hip, bottom and thighs. - Have the waist band taken in if necessary.

- Pant and trouser styles have been selected that lengthen your legs and visually slim your overall appearance. - Avoid high waist styles in favour of classic waistbands and waistbandless styles. These will be more comfortable and will visually elongate your torso. - Styles that are slim to medium wide in the width will lengthen and visually slim your body while wide legs styles will make you appear shorter and heavier. - To dress up your pants add a shoe with a medium to high heel.

- Wear tummy, thigh and bottom shapewear to further enhance the look.


General Overview


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