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Make Money While You Sleep

Make MoneyThis innovative and unique program has been designed to make personal style advice accessible and affordable for women from seventeen to seventy plus. 

By becoming an affiliate reseller of the eStyle program, you can literally make money while you sleep by leveraging the incredible power of the Internet and word-of-mouth sales.

This is the web-based version of the highly successful ‘Your Personal Style Solutions’ program that has been used exclusively by Image Consultants around the world for over 15 years. It has been created by International Image Expert, Ann Reinten, AICI, CIP, who is the CEO and founder of Image Innovators and The Australian Image Company ( the largest Image Consultant Training and Resource Company in the Southern Hemisphere).



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Affiliate Features and Benefits:

  • Getting started is quick and easy!

  • You can provide customers with personal and professional styling advice at a fantastic price point.

  • The program can be placed on any website or blog.

  • You can use the program to generate a substantial passive income

  • You set the price of the program (min $69).

  • You earn 40% of the retail price of each eStyle program sold.

  • You earn 25% of the retail price on any Style Guide or eBook purchased through your version of the program.

  • You earn 10% of sales of sales made by first line affiliate resellers that you sign up.

  • Upon signing up, you will have access to your own eStyle merchant admin website where you can set prices, track sales in real time and update your information at will.

  • Payments are made to you via PayPal when you reach $100 owed in commissions.

  • You can create multiple special-price promotions for groups or individuals.

  • You can upgrade your version of the eStyle program.

    Fee:Initial set-up $250 and the $125 per year thereafter - renewed each March 1st (1st year pro-rated if necessary).

    Gives you the ability to

                      Replace our logo with yours on the home page,
                      Upload your photo and profile to the 'Your Merchant / Your Consultant' page.
                      Upload your products and services onto the Books and Products page and have orders link back to your
                      company's website sales page.
  • Various sized banners to link the program to your website or blog are available, or you can create your own.
  • Further upgrades, such as being able to upload alternate clothing images, are available on application (initial and ongoing fees apply). To find out more please email Ann Reinten at
    Best of all, signing up is FREE!

When the eStyle program is combined with the purchase of the full colour Style Guide and the client prints out their personal recommendations (available from within the personalised program), they will possess both a soft and hard copy of the program.

Image innovators also offers (the same program as MyPrivateStylist but designed for professional women) and

Rights Reserved and Restrictions

Image innovators reserves the right to refuse anyone admission to the program or to close any merchant website if it is seen to be unsavoury, unethical or immoral in any way.

This offer is not open to websites or blogspromoting sex in any manner.


Corporate Version

In addition to the general women's eStyle program, we will shortly be launching a Corporate version. In this edition, garments and style elements that are suitable for wearing to work will be displayed as Conservative Business-like styles. To pre-sign up for this version, please email Ann at .

Are You an Image Consultant?

Image Consultants who sign up as full merchants of TAIC will not only earn a greater income from the eStyle program they and affiliates sales, they also gain additional program functionality and access to many other great image products.

Consultants can also pre-purchase eStyle Image Kits so they can provide individual consultations and use the eStyle as an inhouse product.

To find out more about becoming a TAIC Merchant, please follow this link: .